Holistic hairdressing

Holistic hairdressing is dedicated to individuals in their incomparable uniqueness and with all their natural needs. It initiates and accompanies people to discover their own beauty – and themselves. It is our great endeavor to strengthen the people in their originality – free from manipulation and fashion dictates.

Holistically oriented hairdressers support their customers in expressing their uniqueness by developing a taste for and taking pleasure in their own beauty. They are thus able to (re-)discover and identify themselves as part of nature and in balance with it.
Of course it is about skin, hair and appearance, but also far beyond… A holistic view includes inseparable physical, mental and spiritual aspects of customers.Their health and recovery as well as environmental issues are of main concern.

Therefore, professional detailed advice and a considerable amount of time for personal exchange are essential components of holistic hairdressing. An observing and sensitive perception of people’s real needs is granted through space and serenity – again and again! Thus causes can be detected, patterns can be recognized, and solutions can be developed.
Holistically oriented hairdressers typically show technical and craft skills, human empathy, personality and charisma. That’s the reason why they are searched and found by customers! A few selected products can be helpful but they remain accessories only.

For both, customer and holistic hairdresser, mutual respect for the stretch of way on the common path is necessary – step by step at the individual pace. Unity in diversity and diversity in unity – the holistic approach is the way and the journey is the reward!

About us

We are an association of free and independent hairdressers.
We have found together with the common goal to support people holistically. We also provide a common platform for professional colleagues.
It all started in 2007with two individuals’ animated discussions about wishes and needs  of hairdressing. There had been no prior contact, but the two shared similar visions about hairdressing which had in part developed over decades.
The time was ripe for a first meeting in November 2008 – 14 hairdressers participated.
They spontaneously decided to establish an association.